Born Without A Face was a hardcore punk band active from 1983 to 1986. The group had a ferocious guitar-driven sound with metallic influences, though the playing was always too raw to be considered metal. The lyrics were laced with vitriol and nightmare imagery and presented a nihilistic attack on the world's vanities. Formed in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Born Without A Face was Robert Eastway on vocals, Dan Ross on guitar, Mark Dancey on guitar and Eric Dancey on bass, backed by a succession of drummers. The band's recorded output consisted of two cassette tapes, Psych!(1984) and Freakshow (1985), and two 7" vinyl EPs, The Unbecoming (1986) and Worship (1987), all on the band's own Crucible imprint. After recording the final EP, Born Without A Face disintegrated.

Born Without A Face Vinyl Box Set

"Born Without A Face Sound Recordings 1984-1986" consists of 23 tracks spread out over two 12-inch LPs on 210-gram vinyl, each in its own hand-silkscreened sleeve enclosed in a handmade 19" x 13" magnetic closure box.

The first LP collects all the tracks from the magnificentFreakshowself-released cassette and puts them on one record, restored and re-mastered from the original studio tapes. Until now,Freakshow has never been available on vinyl or CD. Original copies of the cassette are by now over 26 years old.

The second LP collects songs that were originally released on the two 7" EPs, plus one additional track ("Hostages") that was originally released on the There's a Method to Our Madness compilation. The tracks on this LP are also from the original studio master tapes. Please note that there were two tracks on the Unbecoming 7" EP that were taken from the Freakshow sessions. These two tracks are only on the Freakshow vinyl, not on the second LP.

Also included in this set is a 22-track CD (vinyl includes one bonus track) of the music, three original 11" X 17" screen-printed release posters, and a sticker.

The magnetic-closure portfolio itself is handmade with archival materials, with a screen-printed black-on-black bookcloth cover and white-on-black inner graphics and information. The result is a unique, hand crafted package of exquisite quality and craftsmanship. Designed and manufactured by the band, the Born Without A Face Sound Recordings package is being issued in a limited edition of just 300 copies

Born Without A Face "Sound Recordings 1984-1986" Vinyl Box Set

Custom designed 19 x 13” Magnetic-Closure Deluxe Clothbound Hardcover Box Set Limited edition of 300 copies. Set includes: 2 x LPs pressed on 210 gram vinyl + CD + 3 Silk Screened Posters + Sticker

80.00 USD

Born Without A Face "Sound Recordings 1984-1986" Digital Files